Positive Space
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Positive Space

Positive Space is La Roche College’s annual, jurored, Graphic & Communication Design and Interior Design student showcase and awards ceremony. Each year two groups of seniors level students compete to win the opportunity to design everything for the upcoming show.

This project entailed the creation of an identity, advertising material, invites and other collateral utilizing eco-friendly techniques. The “green” theme is reflected throughout the campaign.

This campaign was selected for use and was awarded Best of Show in that year’s show





Poster Series – All icons and text were hand rendered to give an unrefined, natural feel.



Website – For the first time in the history of Positive Space we developed a website for entry submission. Allowing student to enter work digitally cut down on material waste. This also made it easier for students to enter more pieces in shorter amount of time. Because of this there were more entry in this year’s show than ever before.

Client leave behind – Printed of used Giant Eagle Bags and bound with salvaged cardboard, twigs and hair ties.
Student Award – Printed on 100% post consumer wasted using lin seed oil based inks and mounted to salvaged cardboard.



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